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Welcome to walfinds -If you’re a cat person—or a soon-to-be cat person—you’ve come to the right place.The Walfinds Cat Shop has all the cat toys your little furball could ever need, want, dream about, purr over and claw for, to make your kitten grow up healthily.


Cats, particularly those that spend a lot of time indoors, need to be entertained and stimulated.

We have a great range of cat toys

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Walfinds offers a wide range of care products you could possibly need to take care of your cat and kitten. Help your feline friends keep healthy with our cozy care products.

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Dress up your kitten and cat with a variety of awesome costumes from Waltaps. We offer pet cat outfits ranging in different size, so that you can find the proper fit for your cat. 

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Walfinds-Customize Collection (New!)

Check out our recently cat Customize collection . Customize your cat's exclusive supplies

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This Incredible Robot Cat Toy Will Keep Your Kitty Entertained for Hours

Perfect for when we all go back to work.

Ebo The Smart Robot Companion for Your Cat

Cat Weight Management, Indoor Wired, 24/7 Live Video, 1080p HD, WiFi, 2-Way Talk

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Discover high-quality items for your cat

The Walfinds Cat Shop offers a wide variety of cat supplies and many more.

Discover high-quality items like Cat Toys, Cat costume, Cat harnesses, cat collars and cat grooming prodcuts. 

So have a look around, and find the cat supplies your kitty will purr over at Walfinds's online pet store.

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