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Fluffy Plush Interactive Cat Ball Toys

Fluffy Plush Interactive Cat Ball Toys

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Reduces boredom and increases your cat's activity, thus bringing more pleasure to your cat.


  • Simulate real sounds
    Simulate the real sounds of three different animals to attract cats' attention and stimulate their hunting nature. The sounds of balls of different colors are different: blue frog, yellow cricket, pink bird.

  • Smart Tap Trigger
    The toy cat ball has a built-in high-sensitivity sonar. As long as the cat's paw lightly touches the ball, it makes a sound. Cat ball toys with funny animal sounds can reduce boredom and increase your cat's activity, bringing more fun to your cat.

  • Catnip can be added
    After opening the lid, you can add catnip to the ball. It can make your cat excited and happy and become the cat's favorite toy. It can encourage the cat to exercise, stimulate the cat's thinking or accompany the cat, allowing your cat to exercise and stay healthy.


1、Funny cat toy ball: When the kitten touches the ball toy, the ball makes animal sounds to attract attention.
2、Simulate the real sounds of animals: When you touch the toy, you can make the sounds of birds/frogs/crickets. Note that each color corresponds to a kind of sound, which can sound about 10,000 times.
3、Material: There are wool ball models and EVA models, both of which are favorites of cats, safe and non-toxic.
4、Catnip design can be added: Open the toy lid, you can add catnip to make the cat excited and happy.
5、Reduce boredom: Your cat will love chasing and hitting balls around these felt toys.


  • Name: Cat Toy Ball Simulation Animal Sounding Ball
  • Material: EVA / WOOL
  • Size: about 50mm/1.97inch
  • Weight: about 25g
  • Color: pink (bird sound), blue (frog sound), yellow (cricket sound)
  • Suitable for: cats and other pets
  • Functions: Simulated call: the sound of birds/frogs/crickets, each color corresponds to a sound.