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Automatic Rotate Tumbler Interactive Cat Toy

Automatic Rotate Tumbler Interactive Cat Toy

Color — Gray
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New Design!Automatic Rotate Tumbler Interactive Cat Toy

Automatic 360° rotation, treat and play at the same time and novel ways to tease cats are all cats are curious about.

😻The Built-in smart sensor system, one-button start intelligent shutdown, it's quiet.

😻The butterfly can rotate in 360 degrees and this butterfly is constantly spinning, your cat can play with it when you are away.

😻It's also a food dispenser, special feeder design, delicious and fun, evoking cat interest and appetite.

😻It is made of high-quality food-grade ABS material, it is a tough, durable, non-toxic, and safe food container, suitable for small and medium-sized dogs and cats, and other Pets.

After repeatedly testing the cat's love for different accessories finally, 3 accessories are determined.