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Christmas Swing Penguin Scratching Post

Christmas Swing Penguin Scratching Post

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Designed with cats in mind

It is equipped with hanging in creative toys to stimulate their prey-like behavior like pouncing, swatting and enhance their playing time with it and provide extra fun for them. It offers a perfect place for cats to relieve their stress, encourage their natural desire for a good scratch, and save your expensive furniture from little tiger clawing.


  • Sturdy Structure---maximum protection of pet safety
  • Detachable Natural Sisal Scratching post---Perfect for conditioning claws, and offer more choice
  • With Christmas decoration ---more interesting for cat
  • Multi-functional---it can be used as a scratching post, jumping and climbing frame, and cat toys
  • Protect Your Furniture: Satisfy your cat’s innate need to scratch and keep their claws off your furniture with these round scratcher refills