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Walfinds Pet Cat Food Dog Grain Bag Gripper

Walfinds Pet Cat Food Dog Grain Bag Gripper

1 Set 3 Pcs
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Walfinds Gripper reusable closures are perfect for use with pet products, to reclose all kinds of partly used bags and sacks. Big bags of dry dog food or cat litter are convenient to buy and offer excellent value, but there is always the problem of re-closing the sack once opened.

Lots of pet products can be quickly and easily secured with Walfinds Gripper closures, helping to keep unpleasant smells in the bag and out of the home. Even on fish food and bird seed, This clip is the solution.

Package Include:

3 x Walfinds Gripper

  • Food grade PP material is durable and reliable to use. Easy to install.
  • No need to remove the clip to get your snack or seasoning, just remove the lid, and here we go!
  • save the bank clip seal is strong, sealed, not easy to be tidy
  • polypropylene material, no odor, peace of mind contact with food, rest assured

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