Nontoxic Durable Dog IQ Chew Toys for Puppy

Nontoxic Durable Dog IQ Chew Toys for Puppy

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Toothy is made of high quality, Non-Toxic rubber.
It's extra durable, long-lasting and built to withstand the
biggest of bites.
The little teeth holders are flexible enough to easily push your dog's favourite treats or kibble right into.
Toothy is also 
SUPER bouncy, perfect for a game of fetch with a delicious snack at the end!


Toothy was designed to keep your dog entertained for hours on end. The little teeth holders are strong enough to hold their treats in place but still allows them to enjoy a delicious treat with enough effort.

Toothy will keep your dog highly engaged and their mind busy as they nibble, chew and lick their way around.

9/10 Dogtists recommend Toothy

Toothy has been designed to get in all the hard to reach places of your dog's mouth. Making sure to remove all plaque and leftover food! Toothy is non-abrasive and 100% safe for your fur baby to grind, chew and clean their teeth with.

Simple & Easy to use

It's super easy to set up, simply push their treats in between the teeth and you're set. You can even fill it up with peanut butter or yoghurt if your dog prefers! If they don't manage to completely clear it out before moving onto their next mission, just give Toothy a quick rinse before using it again.

Filling Ideas: Peanut Butter (organic), Yoghurt, Kibble, Broken up treats, Dried meats, Minced meat.

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