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Pet Portrait Hand-Painted Custom Leather Cat Tag

Pet Portrait Hand-Painted Custom Leather Cat Tag

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  1. The clearer the uploaded photo, the better, and the head area should not be blocked or cropped.
  2. The leather engraver is purely hand-made to restore the similarity of the photos to the greatest extent, but there is no guarantee that they will be 100% identical.
  3. Hand-made customized products do not accept returns, or change photos during production, I hope you can understand this.
  4. Because this is purely handmade, it takes a long time, about 30-40 days, please understand.

Material: vegetable tanned top layer cowhide
Dimensions: Diameter 6 cm
Features: Environmentally friendly natural rubber, no surface. After being exposed to the sun, the color will gradually darken after natural use.
Maintenance: Avoid water and oil stains.
  • It Can be used as a gift for friends who keep pets.
  • It Can be used as a commemorative plaque for pets.
  • You can use pet photos to make keychains and wear them around.