4 Interesting Facts About Cats

Cats spend lots of time grooming themselves.      

On the surface, cats groom themselves to keep clean. Actually, grooming is more than keeping hair clean. In addition to cleaning up dust, grime, or residue from the last meal, repeated licking helps to straighten the fur so that its insulation can function better. If the hair is messy, the insulation effect will be poor, and it will cause serious harm to the cat during cold weather.

Cold isn't the only problem. Cats tend to overheat in the summer, so they will groom often. Cats have very few sweat glands (mainly distributed in the paw pads). By licking the hair, the water evaporates after the hair is licked to achieve the effect of relieving heat.

When cats are anxious, the frequency of grooming will also increase. This behavior is called "alternative grooming", and it works to ease the stress of intense social conflict. Just as we often “scratch our ears and cheeks” when we are in conflict, cats lick their fur when they are in a similar situation.

Are cats nocturnal? The answer is no.

To be precise, the cat is not actually nocturnal, she's crepuscular. They are most active in the evening and early morning. Because the prey on which the ancestors of the cats depended for survival are most active in the early morning and evening. So the meow meow at home starts running pony horses at home at four or five in the morning every day, jumping up and down, and even grabbing your feet in the quilt for fun. They are just experiencing the hunting life of their ancestors.

Want to get up late on the weekend? You only need to make sure that the cat is active during the day, and play with toys such as a cat teaser before going to bed. When cat is tired of playing, everyone can have a good night's sleep.

Cat and Bag

Cats like new things the most. Such as newly bought gadgets or shopping bags. When they see the unfamiliar bag, they will definitely show full interest, and then they will get into it logically. In order to slowly figure out what this thing is, they usually move slowly into the bag.

Animals like cats can only feel safe in a small space. Wild cats generally choose tree holes or underground pits as their nests. Because in the wild, safety must be ensured, so they will confirm their safety every time they look for a hidden place as a nest. This habit has continued to this day, and now the cat can't wait to get into the small bag as soon as they see it.

A litter of kittens could have different fathers

When a female cat goes into heat and starts breeding, she is able to store the semen for a period of time; and also, once fertilized, one kitten may start developing slightly before another embryo that is fertilized a short time later from a different tom cat. This also sometimes accounts for why one kitten may be a lot smaller than the others—it was the last to start developing in the womb.